Universal Wisdom with Aiwen

Certified Master Psychic, Star Seed Scout, Mystical Traveler

The Ancient Mongolian Jade Skull

3500 BCE 

The Mongolian Skulls truly are a phenomenon in the new age community. They are having a second dawning. 

 This sacred shamanic carving was gifted to me from a shaman from the Four Corners. 

Originally discovered in ancient jade slab tombs,  where many countless artifacts were being retrieved due to a impending flood in the area. From a nomadic, Goddess worshiping people who worked with a plethora of spiritual amulets and symbols and crypto animals. Now long gone and only traces left. 

Each jade skull was infused with sacred knowledge and passed down for generations. 

It chose me to care-take for it because I am able to see visions and receive messages from the aura and energy of the skull itself and from the time and sacred infusion held within.  


 In 2011, I co-authored a book 'Crystal Skulls: a journey of experience, wisdom and the divine' with Kirsten Hilling among others. It was great to express what these elder carvings have granted me. Find the book here:                  




For more information about meeting or doing spiritual work with the skull,

 email at: [email protected] 

                                         Blessed be, Aiwen