Universal Wisdom with Aiwen

Certified Master Psychic, Star Seed, Mystical Traveler

Spiritual Readings

~Calling Prayer~
"Great Evolver, Divine Sparkler, The midnight star, the Core, Keeper of the roads, Sender of the Rainbow, Giver of the stars, I call you now to bring your ancient healing hand over this land and restore it. Allow the hearts and minds to find acceptance and courage and connection to nature and our inner nature. Allow my vessel to aid you in this reawakening. Allow my heart to beat in unison with yours, Great Echoing One, as this new age opens around us. Let us find healing. Let us step into our true awareness. Let us find peace."

     Aiwen is the spiritual name given to me by my gifted psychic friend Miss Renee. This is the name I use for my spiritual work as it resonates and connects with my Higher Self. 

        As a very young child I discovered I had a healing ability but it was often silenced and detoured by those around me. But like magic, I always found a way for the divine voice to speak through me and nothing seemed to be able to ever totally count out all the light I was meant to give to the world. That is one thing that has never changed. I grew to a stage where I could send and transmute energy. I am able to send mass healing prayers across the globe and into the universe.  I can send it through any time or space. This sacred energy holds no bounds. It is non dividable, yet it is omnipresent and can reach any lengths in any reality. This is a gift I give to the world. It is my way of thanking the spirit and light in everyone. The energy I send to crystals and send to photos sent to me from people around the world asking for prayers and healing's. I always do this out of deep love for humanity and the life and heart of the Mother Earth  This healing energy can cross through dimensions  of time and space, it is that strong, it is eternal and limitless. It can reach you right now as you are reading this. I have often have many requests for my healing. This I do with an open heart. In my healing, I send my God given infusion from the stream of indestructible light which flows like a river through the spiritual cosmos. This I harness in and draw it through and let it flow forth into YOU. 

     This gift I give is one that is ancient and from many lives and many spaces and it comes to your heart NOW. I can see the inner vision around you, the guides, the ANGELS, the beautiful loved ones. They all come through God's tube of light, into my consciousness. Only when I step aside and allow my intuitive gifts to lead, then my true self emerges, and I am able to draw that inspiration and healing and bring back the life force and passion. Because soul mirrors Soul. It is a gift I was given. The light beings showed me so much. Much more than I can ever retell, but I can sum it up: LOVE, PEACE, ART, NATURE, FAMILY, ACCEPTANCE, HEALING. 

It has been my entire life that the light beings, angels and guides have worked with me. My Near death experience opened the gate way for me but even before and after that my spirit and mind and body were working on a very intuitive and clairvoyant level. I know it comes from God, from Creation, because I feel the love and peace EVERY DAY from these amazing light beings and also from my own faith and God Center. 


      After all the teachings, learning and growing spiritually, I have come to a drying of my wings and am now ready to take off. I have gradually gained insight and now am at oneness with my path of healing, the path of my ancestors.  Now I have been doing it for many years now, and over 20 years of study. I began researching spirituality and ancient creation stories when I was 10 years old. I resonated with this avenue of insight because it was an evidence of what I was always experiencing. An image became a tool of my inner world. I could send forth the sacred healing's clearly. The path emblazoned before me. 

    Throughout my entire spiritual quest, I have been deeply influenced by Spiritual Teacher Sylvia Browne. Long story short, I was able to attend 13 of her spiritual lectures including a cruise to the Mexican riviera in April 2008. She taught me many things.  Over time, she opened up to me. In 2012, I sat in her reading room, listening to her insights about my life. There was an electric energy around the room. She told me my soul purpose was to be a healer and that in all my past lives I chose to be a beacon for spirituality. She told me that I was just now opening the door and much would come for me. She revealed so much to me about what was to come and indeed, I see it happening now. She was a powerful light to my path. She gave me priceless truth. Bestowing me a healer, that was like a magic wand hitting my forehead. I transformed into my true self. Truly it was all a great sign to the great loving energy coming in like a wave into my life. Soul knows soul. It is like lighting one candle to another. 

    From what the guides told me in my near death experiences which I call an OUT OF BODY VISION and I believe my psychic ablities had EVERYTHING to do with all of the experiences I have had, as if I had been given a gift at certain points where I could have gone on but I decided to take the energy and create something powerful and beautiful, and bring awareness to what I have learned from the inspired wisdom gained since, I now can relate and resonate with the soul of others which is a blessing to be able to fully see the beauty in ones path. To reveal those truths. It is from the spark of the Divine. 

I have had one spriritual happening after the other starting since day one. I have had a number of close calls and moments where I could sense and know that the higher realms where present, guiding me or allowing me to take in some of the magical essence with which they came to me, with which I can use to help others. Its like an inner knowing. When these experiences happened, it all came together like a memory of a very powerful dream, but when I came back to this present space and body, I was revealed through transference great universal wisdom, meant to change my life and others. 

      I have interacted with the hidden realms all of my life. I have felt the unseen forces in my life ever since I can remember. I can sense feelings, energy, light, vibrations. I receive visuals from infusion into my crown chakra. This is directly from the other-side. This is how I see what I see. Its quantum physics. Its black and white matter. Its from a metaphysical universe. It is a gift from Creation.  I am able to hone into the level and bring messages and insights from those 'other' realms to you. The path was winding but now is solid and strong. It lead me to this space and time where I can be of assistance to the world. IT IS DIVINE TIMING. At first it all appears physical, but as time flows, you realize it was all a part of the sacred dream, the spiritual realm working, through the veil, all a part of the grand mirage of earth school. It is a part of the sign. I am able to see the sign. It is a part of the indigo path, but also the MASTER CLAIRVOYANT path, which I have been on for man years and now have the certification and wisdom to teach and carry on the teachings of the light beings, the angels, and from my own psychic well of love and intuition which I connect with higher self and universal wisdom and carry the torch again for those who walked before me. 

     I do this for pure light for your soul path and soul evolution, as well as my own, we work together, the circle goes fully around. This is for the Souls calling. Our Soul Mission. Our gifts are granted from the higher powers in order to help the Mother Gaia, the Earth and her beings. Many are called now with similar light, similar gifts. This is a path we take for healing, for growth. To transform the negative into positive and to reveal the hidden knowings and codes and messages and signs that are all around you. This is the purpose of my readings. I offer all I am in this very second that you be set free and begin to reach into the ancient zones within your true spirit. The time has come. 


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