Universal Wisdom with Aiwen

Certified Master Psychic, Star Seed, Mystical Traveler



The first, the living orbs, the spiritual entities, are always seen like glowing balls of light, ball shaped, rounded, and multidimensional. They are seen with the naked eye as well as captured on film. Do not mistake these for the mandala orbs as I call them. These are the personified reflections of elements of water and earth, dust and rain. When the light of the flash touches these, a 2D orb appears with a mandala within that shows the blueprint, that we are a creation, like the snowflake does, a geometric pattern to reveal we are a part of all, and our mission flows with a larger consciousness. The two variations of orbs are very important, as both are valid and show something very astounding. The Light Orbs are spiritual beings viewing from a sacred capsule. The mandala orbs are glimpses into the blueprint of the expanded creation. BOTH ARE HERE TO SHOW US SOMETHING. About ourselves and about the other side. and the spiritual energy of this world. 

I was shown by the beings of light in my visions that these orbs are here for a great purpose, just as we all are, and that we are all soul mates working together in many lives, worlds, universes and dimensions. 

                                                                                                  - Aiwen