Universal Wisdom with Aiwen

Certified Master Psychic, Star Seed Scout, Mystical Traveler


The Orbs are light beings  that come from the heavenly realms  to visit those in 'earth school'. These are benevolent entities which I saw in my near death experience. I have seen them with my naked eye many times. I have been told I am a beacon for them as they are so many images of me with them present. They are a form of light body which a soul can use to enter into this present earthly dimension and watch over and  bestow us with certain infused and inspired thoughts and aid us in unveiling hidden truths which can help humanity and the planet. They are highly evolved beings which are ascended masters, guides, and ancestors. 

I was shown by the beings of light in my drowning experience that these orbs are here for a great purpose, just as we all are, and that we are all soul mates working together in many lives, worlds, universes and dimensions. 

                                                                                                  - Aiwen