Universal Wisdom with Aiwen

Certified Master Psychic, Star Seed, Mystical Traveler

A Glimpse into my path

Seeker of Truth, My soul is forever thankful that our paths crossed. Through many lives I have held your hand and in many more I will protect and defend your way. Believe me, my words are more than true. You have brought a magic into my life so potent that it has made me realize my soul purpse. You gave me my link with creation back. You shine on the core of me. Infinity." Blessed be -Aiwen

 The Vision From My EXIT POINTS (Near Death Experience)

  When I was a young boy, I nearly drowned in a swimming pool. During this event, I came out of my body was brought into my light body. I witnessed immense light beams surrounding me. This light had a real divine essence unlike any light I have ever known. It was alive. I could see that it was not a light that was from this world, but from a higher level up. Flowing and changing hues all around me. Peach colors and lavenders all began to become visible as if I were in a sunset. Amid these lights came large bubbles which seemed to open up like screens around me and glimpses of my life up until that point played out in 3D within these orbs. Then beautiful spirit guides appeared around me.  They were  emanating glowing soft light, so angelic and comforting. They told me about my life and what it was meant for and what life on earth was intended for. LOVE. Love seemed to be the purpose for all creation. And yes indeed it is created as I saw in my experience. I saw from these beings that we are all soul mates and that the most important people in your life come through art and inspiration and that is how we make our most sacred choices. All from this passion within us.  

I was shown from the beings of light and energy that I was meant to spread this message of unity and that all wars and pollution could be stopped if people were given the truth about what happens when we die and where we are before we die. The Other Side. This truth will open many doors to new beginnings for our race. The light beings made it clear that I would be lead into sharing this message at the right time. This time has come and I stand before you now with an open soul, sharing from a space we all call home, from a shimmering dimension that is pure and indestructible. 

They showed me a spiritual map of my life and where I came from, and now I help others find their spiritual map. Their soul purposes. Their divine energy. 

          My first Spiritual Experiences: 

When I was 10 years old, our family  stayed the weekend in a very special building. Not long after settling in, all of our stuff set up. The kids ran around to play. My cousin and I saw a ball of light flying around the large scope of the gymnasium. This ball of light was going to all the windows seemingly trying to escape. It would zoom through the air completely soundless. At times it would stop in mid air and just hover. It seemed to be looking for an exit. We shared this with our family and they all came to observe it. They were all baffled when none could catch it or explain it. All of roughly 10 people witnessed this strange light. I was so spellbound by its enchanting nature and beautiful energy.  As time went on, the orbs of light began visiting more and more. 

   Our ancestors and our guides. They all walk among us, right there just beyond us but still here yet also there.  No matter what words we call them or what exaggerations we have placed onto them over the last hundred years or more, they deserve respect and dignity.  From what we have done to the planet, we not only owe ourselves that virtue..we owe them that as well. 

      I do not have all the answers but I have some, and the answers I do have are ancient, from another time and place. With my other experiences and interactions firmly set in place with them, trust has built a strong bond and I honor them and they honor me. To speak for the inner dimensions that keep mystifying our world. This was only a torch handed to me. I take no pride. I was given this from the beings of light, the wisdom is universal.  I hold only the protection and respect they deserve. So if you want to ask, know you will receive a truth not mine but universal and gifted down the sands of time. 

                  My Spiritual Passion: 

First and foremost, I follow the path for the highest good; To Connect others to their own God center through inspiration and art and sacred symbolism and signs. Life is made up of symbols and signs and energies. Creation is designed with such a awesome thread of connection, signals and art from both physical and non-physical presence. 

All my life I have been drawn to ancient symbols, especially petroglyphs and pictographs. These carvings have stories that have mostly faded away through the centuries but when I stand near them, what is left of them, I strongly tune into the inner voice they speak with and in some way, am able to decode the sacred teachings. There is an ancient part of me that awakens when I am in the presence of these sites. Somehow that part of my being has never gone away completely. When I was a kid I wondered why I was able to feel peoples thoughts of me. I could sense the actual truth and it was never what they were actually saying. 

    So for years I battled with my gifts. Never feeling worthy of them. But now, as a man, I am stronger. I am wiser. I have walked my own path to my higher power. A temple or church to me is a place where heaven and earth meet. At nearly every spot these carvings are found, the scenery is breathtaking, haunting and surreal. The wisdom is so thick you could feel it in the air around you. Here, overlooking the worlds, my soul feels found, saved, and set free. I sense Creator there. The most authentic self is conjured out of me. A part of the All One. When I am at these sacred sites, an inner part of me leaves and travels back in time and reaches the points in time and receives the truths and meanings of these hidden stories carved that are etched across the entire earth in geometric grid patterns.

 Many people must be made aware of the preservation of these areas and to keep them safe. We must know that as we walk in these locations, we are on sacred hallowed ground. I feel a great passion about this that hits to my soul.  We all seek from early age to find that special goal, that one gift we have for humanity. I am certain this is mine. I will do my ultimate best in sharing the truths because the world is changing and if not channeled through, these stories will be gone forever. My light shines purest when on this path. My destiny. Each time I discover a new element to my search, a spiral or some little face staring out of the rock, I find a new element to my own self, my own spirituality, my own path to heaven. That is worth everything.

                 My Spiritual Mission:

 Starseed: to reach out into the great divide, into your open heart, and unlock the hidden keys and truths within, and bring your perspective back to the spirit, back to your mission. back to your true identity. We are all in this together, and I am excited and honored to be of service to the beings of this world. 

I see into the great void and receive sacred insight from the one we call the Core Creator, God, The Absolute and I bring it back to you. That is what I have chosen to do with my spiritual life, because I have been called my entire life to do so. My awakening has come and so has yours.
 So Mote It Be. 

Sincerely and from my heart of hearts,